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Mother of Education

As necessity is the mother of invention, life’s little troubles are the mother of education.

For example, to me, a water softener was a device that softens your water (removes calcium or magnesium) by passing your water supply through a filter. The filter needs to be cleaned, or recharged, every few days with a brine rinse; hence, the reason I have to keep the thing filled with salt. Even though I installed the system myself 6 years ago, I didn't realize how it really worked and the complexity of it… until it broke. (Thank goodness for the Internet)

I also, recently, have learned a lot about washing machines.

Such is the reason I know an awful lot about rotator cuff injuries which is the sports caster's term for tears, impingement, bursitis, & tendonitis in the shoulder. I’m suffering from one of those, though certainly not a full tear. An MRI would likely confirm subacromial impingement and identify if the bursa, tendons or both are being impinged upon by collar bone in my right shoulder. X-rays showed everything looked mostly normal. The treatment would be the same whether I have the MRI or not, so I’m off to physical therapy. Injecting steroids is another treatment, but it is not the best medical decision as there is risk of rupturing and therapy is considered the better, long term, fix.

The cause was likely volleyball, particularly a tournament 3 years ago. Repeated overhead arm movement causing inflammation, impingement, tears, and, well, pain. Since then lifting weights and spiking a volleyball can bring me to tears. 

So the M.D. is sending me off to physical therapy, as long as my wife approves, because he claims she’s a cutie. (He was right)

I also, recently, have learned a lot about moles; but that’s another story…


May 25, 2006 - Posted by | Family, Home Improvement, Sports

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  1. Bummer. Sorry to hear you’re injured.

    It’s not your drinking arm, I hope.

    Comment by Wrathchild | May 25, 2006

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