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“Rampage”…? Are you mad at something?

In case anyone is wondering about the name I use here, NYRampage, there is history behind it. If you don’t care, you can skip to the last paragraph. If you’re curious, read on…

Way, way back when I was only 16, my friends and I played a game called Photon. PhotoNYR - PSn, simply, was commercial laser tag. It was a spacey building located in Kennilworth, NJ where you donned a helmet, chest plate and gun, and ran through a psuedo-maze shooting infra-red beams at the other team. Before you entered, you were ID’d and placed on a team of ten, either red, or green. You also got to pick a nickname to use and I always chose Rampage. The computer would keep score and post your stats on a big screen in the lobby. That’s the reason the name exist, but not the origin.

NYR - NFLPut on the spot to come up with a name, I went through a list of names in my head of racing boats from a recent Benihana Race I watched. (Now known as the New Jersey Off Shore Grand Prix) Rampage sounded cool, so i picked it.

Since then, anytime I needed a nick name, I used Rampage. This came up NYR -TMoften in online video games, although you might be surprised at how often I found the name already in use. I also joined a fantasy football league several years back and needed a name. Being I’m from New York, New York Rampage had a cool sound to it and so I’ve stuck with it. Using the NY has also helped me stay unique.

boatNo, I’m not mad at anything; it’s just a name that stuck. As for this blog, NYRampage just sounds cooler than Ron’s blog.


June 9, 2006 - Posted by | Gaming


  1. awesome site

    Comment by Jojo | January 10, 2007

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