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Microsoft – Innovation Not Needed

Some people think of Microsoft as the ultimate when it comes to innovation. I completely disagree; but I do think of Microsoft as the ultimate in re-invention. Just about every product Microsoft leads in market share is a product that has been re-invented. Sure, there are some innovations in these products; but, by and large, someone else came up with the original.

For example, ever hear of Windows? XBox? Internet Explorer? Word? Excel? Yeah, I thought so; but not a one is the original. The poor unfortunate soul who came up with the orignal suffered trying to get the technology to work at all, and, to make money, if at all. Microsoft takes each one (Macintosh, game console, Mosaic, word processor, Lotus 1-2-3) and made them better and marketed them better.

I'm not saying what Microsoft does is wrong, or bad… it's just what they do; and they do it very well.

Ever hear of iPod? iTunes? Recently Microsoft announced a music device and service to compete with Apple's offerings. Killer iPod plans? Some say "unlikely", but before you decide, you may want to look at the record books.

Want to list more Microsoft re-inventions? An innovation perhaps? How might MS beat Apple in the tunes department? (like by not restricting the iPod/iTunes coupling?) Please Comment!


June 20, 2006 - Posted by | Tech

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  1. Microsoft has been well known in the geeky circles as one that can’t innovate – but they kick butt when it comes to seeing a technology that looks good, and making it big. Not everything is a hit (WebTV anyone?), but dumping enough cash and publicity into it can make people think they need it – so they get it.

    One of the biggest complaints I have about this process is that when they take a known technology (sometimes open source) and make it fit their needs, they completely break any interoperability that it had before. Wonderful technology becomes broken by the MS machine… (think XML, TCP/IP, RichText, etc)

    Comment by watercooler | June 21, 2006

  2. Good point, and agreed, on channeling open source to proprietary. Although Microsoft is not the only company that does it, when an industry leading company does it, it makes it that much worse.

    I like to see it the other way around, when companies take their home grown stuff to the open source table. Cisco has successfully done this several times.

    Comment by nyrampage | June 21, 2006

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