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Go-to Beer

My favorite, modestly priced beer, has gone up in price. Not by much, and altogether worth it, but now it is closer to the same playing field as many others.

That beer is Saranac Pale Ale. I love this beer. It is well hopped, malty, a beautiful color, and always clear and crisp. I applaud all beers brewed at the Utica Brewery (many are contract) for their quality control, an important aspect when judging a beer that is often overlooked. The combination of quality and price has made this my “Go-to beer”.

Pale AleI don’t love all the beers by Saranac… as a matter of fact, the Pale Ale is the only one I love. The others are good, but each is lacking in something for its style. But, I LOVE the Pale Ale.

I have heard it is has always been a lot pricier in other regions. I have suspected that since I’m in the same region in which it is brewed that that has helped keep the price down.

How much? Oh, it’s not bad… $6.50 a six pack, which I used to be able to get for $4.99. (by the case, the prices were relative) The price increase is my own assumption, too. I’ve only checked a handful of stores, but they seem consistent. Maybe it’s only for the summer. A great beer at a good price doesn’t come along often.

It’s not all bad. This just gives me an excuse to try more varieties again. I’ve recently tasted some Southhampton ales and I just picked up some Red Hook’s I’ve never had. Cheers!


July 2, 2006 - Posted by | Food & Drink

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