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Direct Physics (follow up)

If I may quote myself…

    What needs to happen…History needs to repeat itself. What happened to 3DFX (consumed by nVidia) needs to happen to AGEIA. I’m not saying it needs to be integrated into the video card, though that may well be the best solution, specifically for the latency problem. I’m thinking more in terms of the API. Developers don’t write to nVidia, or ATI, or Matrox, etc, but rather to a common standard like Microsoft’s DirectX or OpenGL. (one of the things that makes standards so nice is that there are so many to choose from *rolls eyes*)windows.gif

Microsoft announces “Direct Physics“, to be included in the DirectX API to allow programmers to write physics based manipulation of objects in 3D for realism and better immersion. Well, they haven’t announced it exactly, but a job posting for their “Direct Physics” team, “responsible for delivering a great leap forwards in the way game developers think about integrating Physics into their engines,” pretty much says it all.

There are two SDK’s contending for developer’s attention, the one from Ageia (see my previous Ageia entry), and one from Havok which nVidia and ATI have supported. Microsoft has licensed the Ageia PhysX engine. Hmmm, so where is this going? I can only guess at this point, it is way too early to tell. With the big GPU manufacturers behind Havok, I’d think Microsoft stupid to ignore them. But we are talking about Microsoft here… they will do as they wish. If you made me guess, I’d say that the Havok SDK will be akin to OpenGL, and the Ageia SDK will be akin to DirectDraw.


July 10, 2006 - Posted by | Gaming, Tech

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