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Beef on a Weck

Blogger Wrathchild recently writes about how he yearns for his lost breakfast meal of pork roll, egg and cheese. While moving away from the creature comforts you grew up with is tough, there is an upside.

Moving to upstate New York has introduced me to some new foods like Buffalo Wings (now made popular everywhere by Hooters), Speedies, and my favorite, Beef on a Weck.

mini_6892.jpgBeef on a Weck is basically a roast beef sandwich served on a Kummelweck roll, hence the name. A Kummelweck roll is a Kaiser roll with course salt and caraway seeds. The sandwich is best served with horseradish and an aju for dipping. 

Now, not all wecks are created equally. I’ve had some pretty poor rolls, either lacking a good amount of salt or seeds; or, the roll sort of fell flat. Good thing I found a local pub that makes a great Beef on a Weck and has all you can eat on Monday’s and Wednesday’s! (Ravenswood, Clifton Park, NY) Wikipedia gives some more details on Beef on a Weck. I have a love for fine food and while a roast beef sandwich may not sound “fine”, it certainly is.

Note that the history section of the Wiki article mentions how the Germans also made the Buffalo/Rochester area a center for brewing… Coincidence? I think not! Beef on a Weck goes great with a porter; possibly appropriately, Saranac’s Black Forest porter.


July 21, 2006 - Posted by | Food & Drink

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