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Increase Your HDTV IQ with the HT Guys

So, if I want to record high definition content from my cable provider, I need to record it with the cable company’s provided DVR via an HMDI cable. Or, I can record on my Windows Media Center computer provided I have firewire support from the cable box to the PC. Right?

Also, I’m not sure if I want to buy a DLP, LCD, or Plasma HDTV; or if it should be 720p, 1080i, or 1080p (and does it really accept 1080p or just up-convert a 1080i?); and I’m not sure if my receiver will work with it because it doesn’t have an HMDI interface; and I’m not sure how to hook up my computer so I can watch and stream media from it; and if I really need just a DVI connector and a digital out, or an HDMI connector… and what about those HDCP compliant cards? And… and… and…

Not sure what I’m talking about? Me neither.

That why you should listen to the HT Guys at www.htguys.com. Every Friday, they put out a half-hour podcast that you can download and listen to on your computer or MP3 player. I’ve been going through all of their old podcasts while driving to/from work or mowing the lawn and I learn something new every episode. They also give me lots of food for thought as I continue to build our new family room with a home theater.header3.jpg (which, will get its own blog entry in the near future)

Ara and Braden talk about everything home theater related. Everything inclluding audio equipment, video equipment, computers, home networking, streaming, TV shows and lots and lots about HDTV. (High Definition Television) They also  responded to an email of mine regarding managing the heat produced by A/V equipment, even though I found later that they had already talked about it back in January.

They are entertaining as well as informative, though I really don’t get the whole Magnum P.I. thing. (oh, and thanks for making me say Front Row like Scooby everytime.) *rolls eyes* 


July 24, 2006 - Posted by | Home Improvement, Home Theater, Movies, Tech, TV

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