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Game Console Madness

ps3.jpgThe Sony PS3 is released today, but it won’t be hitting the shelves. Sony only made 400,000 PS3’s. Not because they wanted to create “demand”, rather, they screwed up planning, parts & production so bad that that is all they could make. Nintendo will have more than a million Wii’s ready at launch, so you should be able to walk into Target and pick one off the shelf without getting mugged. It is ironic that the company that has screwed everything up to date is getting the mainstream public’s attention as the “console in demand.”

It isn’t pretty though, there are lines, mobs and shootings releated to the PS3 launch. That’s just ugly. Video News Story & Man shot in line waiting for his PS3

I’m not planning on buying any new console; I’m a PC gamer and my kids aren’t ready for the next gen console. Of the three big players, there is no winner. I believe each slice of the pie will actually even out, each company getting closer to a third of the market. If anyone can be considered a winner, it will be Nintendo where they will likely gain market share. Not only that, they will have grown the pie as they will gain new customers that wouldn’t normally have even considered buying a game console prior.

Sony’s angle on the game console is more power and better looking graphics; at $600. Nintendo’s is to have more fun playing; at $250. Microsoft is somewhere in between, but they certainly have established the standard for online, multiplayer, games; at $400.

Wii Ad: Wii would like to play
Wii Ad: Wii would like to play (short)
PS3 Ad: PS3 Power
xBox 360 Ad: Futbol

And… a spoof on PS3 and Wii

I’ve had tons to say on the subject, but haven’t had a chance to write it all up. Please comment and let’s discuss.

 [Edit: I’ve also been watching the reviews of the games for each system, the PS3 and Wii. Most are good, non are out of this world. My initial take is that neither super looking graphics, nor innovate controllers, make a better game.] 

[Edit: Nov 27th – reviews continue to pile in. While the Wii has gotten several great reviews, including surprises such as Madden 07, the PS3 games all seem pretty mediocre]


November 17, 2006 - Posted by | Gaming

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