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Be Afraid

Tony Romo has looked pretty good, but he is still a rookie for experience and sooner or later he will make mistakes by trying to force something to happen. The running backs of Jones and Barber are a good one-two punch, but neither are outstanding; or, could carry the whole game should one of them get hurt. Terry Glenn is the only top-notch receiver on the squad; T.O. can implode at any moment. Jason Witten is a decent Tight End, but he certainly isn’t in, say, Shockey’s class. Injuries on the offensive line, mistakes in the secondary, and more fouls than turkey house before Thanksgiving.

So why be afraid…?


Because of the Tuna.

It has been a roller coaster ride for Cowboy fans all season. It was a shaky start, and I’m glad Drew is finally sitting down – he looks good on paper, but was never going to be a super star. I can handle the loss against the Giants. The Giants were on fire and deserved that win. I think they could have beaten anybody that day. Still, I felt as if that was the season ender after that.

Of course, they came back and looked very impressive against a tough Carolina team. After that game, I felt as if they had just saved their season.

The next week, in the words of the local Dallas home’r, “On a penalty and a field goal, the Cowboys prove once again that they are just a mediocre team.” Reality sets in; another season down the tubes.

Who would have thunk they could beat the Colts????? What is all this about? I have to think that one of the greatest coaches of all time must have something to do with it. (now I’m going to have nightmares about Barry Switzer returning)

I’m once again looking forward to the Thanksgiving Day game. Who knows how I’ll feel after that…


November 21, 2006 - Posted by | Sports

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