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What This Guy’s Playing – Dec ‘06

Playing is fun. I’m glad I’m a guy… we get to play cool stuff. I’d like to give a monthly update on what I’m playing, and what I’m looking at playing. So here is a first installment.

Video Games

    Now Playing

  • PlanetSide – I’ve joined back in after a short hiatus. (3 months is short in a 3 year span) Our outfit population is on the rise and playing has been fun with a bowl of popcorn and a mug of ale at my side.
  • TrackMania – Matthew plays more than me, but I love to play the tracks he creates. I haven’t created any of late. I’m going back through each of the games’ single player modes to complete them.
  • Burnout 2 – After loosing all my saved progress from Octoberfest (and I’m only blaming myself for that), I’m back in trying to see how much I can unlock.
    On the Horizon

  • Battle Field 2142 – I have the demo installed but I have no idea how to play. Lag is a problem on some servers. I want to give this a real try.
  • Never Winter Nights 2 – I’m just looking at this. The reviews are good, but with a few bugs, they say. I like the concept that you can create your own adventure. I’m waiting for a demo.
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One – With the new video card installed, I’m going to buy this because after this comes Episode Two. And, with Episode Two, that’s how you get Team Fortress 2.
  • Supreme Commander – I don’t love real time strategy games, but the reviews of this one have got my attention.
  • Lego Star Wars II – Again, reviews for this are fantastic. They say it is as funny as it is fun, too. I hope Santa gives this to Matthew for Christmas.


    Now Playing

  • Just the gym, as normal. The holiday season is tough on schedules; plus I’m afraid to hurt my shoulder again in volleyball. (Matthew is playing soccer.)

On the Horizon

  • I’ll probably sign up for the second indoor soccer session after the New Year. Matthew will likely continue as well. (I’m dreading the influx of New Year resolute’s that will hit the gym in January.)

On the Big Screen

    Now Playing

  • I’m currently watching the FireFly series from the Sci-Fi channel. After seeing the movie Serenity, I had to give the TV series a try and it is awesome!
    On the Horizon

  • Battlestar Galatica, but there is currently a long wait in the NetFlix queue. I need to rent Beerfest as well (because I want to see how bad it is).

Music & Radio

    Now Playing

  • Red
  • Linkin Park
  • NextGen Podcast – I have a whole slew of podcasts I listen to from games, to news, to network security. NextGen is my current favorite.
    On the Horizon

  • Rush’s new album
  • Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me – Recommended by a friend, I’ve got these in the podcast queue.

Life should be fun… GO PLAY!


December 1, 2006 - Posted by | Gaming, Life in general, Movies, Music, Sports, TV

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