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What This Guy’s Playin – Jan ’07

Jan 2007 – Happy New Year!!!

Video Games

    Now Playing

  • Guitar Hero II – Talk to my agent; and move over Alex Lifeson.
  • TrackMania – Inspired by a successful WinterFest virtual Party, I’m hoping to have 10 new tracks by the end of Janurary for WinterFest II
  • GameCube – I’m “helping” the kids play Donkey Konga, Lego Star Wars II, Paper Mario. Lego Star Wars is well done!
    On the Horizon

  • Oblivion – Add this to the list of games I want to try and will never get time to play.


    Now Playing

  • Soccer is back on starting next Monday!

On the Horizon

  • Skiing anyone? oh wait… there is NO SNOW!

On the Big Screen

    Now Playing

  • Firefly was great – so sad to see the end. We are going to re-watch Serenity. I have a list of action movies to catch up on including Star Wars Episode III, Superman Return, Mission Impossible III, Pirates otC II
    On the Horizon

  • Battlestar Galatica, now is a short wait in Netflix.
  • Good Eats – I received a bunch of episodes on DVD for Christmas.

Music & Radio

    Now Playing

  • Red
  • Linkin Park
    On the Horizon

  • Rush’s new album – should be in final mixing this month.

Life should be fun… GO PLAY!
What are you playing?


January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Gaming, Life in general, Movies, Music, Sports, TV

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