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Home Renovation – Spoiled by Octoberfest

I’ve been spoiled by Octoberfest. While Oktoberfest represents something much larger, for me, Octoberfest is an annual get together of a small group of people I call my best friends for just one weekend. It is the one weekend a year where my family grants me the leniency to “play with my friends” pretty much uninhibited. We always have a fantastic time, and it always goes by way too quickly.

Our Octoberfest weekend activities have spoiled me to some degree where the other 51 weekends in the year leave me dreaming of a year round environment like the one we setup. Now of course there is real life, but my day dreams of Octoberfest did get me thinking about what are some of the best things about Octoberfest that I can apply to my family and our lifestyle.

OK, so lack of responsibility goes out the window, but there are some concepts that I have applied to the design of my home renovation project that come from inspirations of Octoberfest.

• Movies/TV – a comfy place for a family of four to watch movies or TV, an experience better than the movie theater.
• Board games – a place to play board games, cards, make crafts, puzzles, etc
• Food – a place to eat, have snacks, etc
• Atmosphere –a place you go to relax and have fun; cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Either feel the summer evening breeze, or to be able to see the snow piling up outside
• Social Gaming – video games are more fun when everyone is playing; I no longer have the desire to lock myself in a small room to play games by myself.
• Entertaining – the ability to have a party (including Octoberfest)

So from these inspirations I have grand ideas to have:
• A dedicated room; not the room that is also the kitchen, also the dining room, also an office. (I’ve already established that our open kitchen serves as the busy central hub of the house)
• Lots of windows with curtains that can be drawn if needed.
• A fireplace for both heating and ambiance.
• Outstanding room lighting with the ability to create the mood.
• Large, wall mounted TV, bright, non-glare plus 7.1 surround sound.
• Integrated Media Center PC for HD recording/playback plus PC and console gaming from the couch.
• Comfy new furniture, plus the ability to accommodate more people comfortably.
• Keep an overall rustic, welcoming, feel to the room (even with all the technology)
• Windows seats, extra storage space and an expandable table.

So between inspirations of Octoberfest, and practical uses that my whole family could really enjoy, I had many design ideas down on paper and wanted to take this project seriously; but, I needed a reality check.


February 12, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement, Home Theater, Life in general

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