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Winter Snow Park

valentines-day-blizzard-012_sm.jpgI don’t know who gets more excited about snow… me, or my kids. When it comes down to it, I’m just a big kid. The Valentine’s Day blizzard brought us all the snow we’ve been missing. (though that day in December when it hit 78 degrees was pretty cool)

I like to play with big machines, too. A snow blower is a ton of fun to use. (the only hard part is keeping them running year to year) I happily help out all of my neighbors with their driveways. I went through 4 tanks of gas. (which is fine, they pay me back in beer)

So what do I do when we are blessed with 2 feet of snow…? I make a winter snow park in my front yard. I snow blow all of the driveway snow in to a huge pile for sledding and snowboarding; known as “Grinch Mountain “. Then, I also snow blow paths around the yard which then get made into forts and thus becomes the perfect battlefield for a snowball fight. (So what if I destroy my lawn some more; it was pitiful to begin with… and what good is a lawn that you can’t play on?) I am probably the only person that actually blows snow back into the driveway after cleaning it all up.

valentines-day-blizzard-010_sm.jpgThis is the best… the kids get to walk outside and have an enormous snow park to play in and when they cold it is an easy cleanup and they can come right back in. We also get to watch them out the picture window from a comfy couch… that’s if I’m not outside sledding myself. It is awesome; and, I had a blast making it.

(more pics on Flickr)


February 15, 2007 - Posted by | Family, Life in general


  1. Just keep in mind that the moles are just waiting down there to destroy the lawn anyway so whatever damage you do with the snowblower just ruins some of their fun!

    Comment by KimK | February 16, 2007

  2. […] that the northeastern United States received a decent amount of snow, and it came in the form of a blizzard. Finally, the ski mountains are enjoying a good season, and so I couldn’t resist trying out this […]

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  3. Grinch Mountain? Now THAT sounds like a lot of fun!

    Comment by Warren Moon Throwback Jersey | October 28, 2009

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