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Top 20 Reasons Why Home Theater Beats the Movie Theater Hands Down

Also known as, the “The Top 20 reasons Hollywood should embrace, not shun, the evolution and increasing pervasiveness of Home Theaters”

  1. Price – Renting, and even owning content, is cheaper than theater tickets
  2. Picture quality – Relative to where you are sitting, home screens are just as big and the newer technology of today’s plasmas, LCDs and projection based TVs are brighter and more vivid than a movie theater’s
  3. Rewind if you missed something or if you want to see it again
  4. Skip the advertisements
  5. No cell phones
  6. No chatter – Or, if there is annoying chatter, you don’t feel as bad when you tell them to shut up (see also #3)
  7. Make it social – Invite your friends for free
  8. Watch what you want – Including TV shows and other media, like home videos
  9. Watch when you want
  10. Enjoy video games in all their glory
  11. No dressing up, parking, lines and other hassels
  12. Control the volume
  13. Comfier seats, front and center
  14. Climate control
  15. Better food choices
  16. A popcorn and a soda doesn’t cost $12
  17. Enjoy an alcoholic beverage
  18. Pause to use the restroom
  19. Super Bowl Parties – Or, “Survivor”, “24”, “Lost”, or whatever party floats your boat
  20. If a hot sex scene gets you and your spouse in the mood, who’s to stop you? (see also #3)

Reasons why the movie theater is better

  1. Get away from kids/parents
  2. A nice home theater requires a healthy investment
  3. … I’m hard pressed to come up with more…

March 15, 2007 - Posted by | Home Theater, Movies, TV


  1. #21 – Don’t have to deal with getting/paying a babysitter (good ones are hard to come by and family isn’t always available).

    Reasons why the movie theatre is better
    #4 Going out makes your spouse feel special. Especially if you take her willingly to a chick flick. (No, we don’t REALLY want to see the latest James Bond movie!)

    Comment by KimK | March 17, 2007

  2. The problem with your list is that most of the items youl listed between 7 and 17 are actually reasons Hollywood prefers you go to the theater. There *is* a reason for $12 popcorn and drinks…its what drives the theatre’s bottom line and allows them to rent more movies from Hollywood to show to you. A good list, nonetheless….I love my home theatre :-).

    Comment by Ravi | April 20, 2007

  3. #4 Excuse to get out of the house.

    But my preference is still the Drive In, they’re just getting hard to find

    Comment by Ray | April 20, 2007

  4. Drive In’s are dying because of HORRIBLE sound quality. One tiny tinny little speaker hanging in your window is a far cry from modern 7.1 sound.

    Comment by Eric | May 1, 2007

  5. Not the Drive in I go to. It plays through my car stereo perfectly. the sound is as good as your car’s stereo.

    I am trying to remember the small town it is in. I normally stop in on my way back home to Missouri. It is in Oklahoma, I will ask my wife when she gets in I am sure she can tell me what town it is.

    Comment by Ray | May 2, 2007

  6. drive ins are actually getting more popular because they are cheaper and the sound quality is great through the stereo. Our drive in, in minnesota, got a digital picture so it’s even sharper and brighter than ever. there’s also a website you can go to to check if there’s one near you but i can’t remember the name, i think it’s http://www.driveinmovie.com plus it’s only $7 kids under 13 are free so i take my two kids and only pay $7 for three movies is great! oh yeah! and home theaters rock!

    Comment by Scott | May 2, 2007

  7. You just can’t beat playing Quake III on the big screen. Good call.

    Comment by NFL Vegas Odds | September 3, 2009

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