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Porch Project – Cruising

{The continuing saga of the Porch Project}

November 2005

I was cruising at this point because I had not yet run into many “devils.” I even had a plan for the siding. You see, reusing old material was part of the plan to save some money. Thus far, I was able to reuse many of the 4×4 posts from the original construction, plus a ton a of 2×4’s. (by the way, you can click on any of these photos to see it at 640×480)






I planned on saving the old siding and re-using all of it but I later realized there wasn’t going to be enough; a minor “devil”. But, after learning new skills at aluminum siding, I learned how easy vinyl siding was to put up. (The trick is getting your starting furring perfect and level)



Reusing the sliding glass door was also in the plan. It is a great door and probably worth $1500; I like it better than the new Andersen I have in my kitchen. But it was in November of 2005 that I got to the point where I needed the the door to be moved to the outside wall, but I knew very well that I would never have the floor and ceiling insulated before the cold weather moved in. That would leave a 6’ x 7’ hole in the side of my house exposed to upstate NY winter temperatures. I made the call to cover up with a tarp the last side and wait until the thaw of spring to face another step that would bring us deeper into the project and another point of no return; one with a simple deadline of next winter.



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