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Home Renovation – The Point of No Return

Spring 2006

The point of no return… you see, moving the patio door would create that huge hole in the side of my house and force the project to be far enough along come the Fall so that the house was sealed from the outside and the room was heated.

In order to do that, I needed to:

  • Install an interior door between the new room and the old (to keep out the summer heat and humidity)
  • Mount the electrical boxes for outlets, lighting, switches and a ceiling fan
  • Run the electrical and speaker wire
  • Insulate the walls
  • Insulate the ceiling
  • Install an insulated floor
  • Insulate all the other cracks and holes
  • Hang sheetrock
  • Tape and mud the sheetrock
  • Install the gas stove which includes building a hearth, running a gas line, running thermostat wire, chimney, and installation of the stove itself.

Plus, a hundred little other things not including any “devils” that are guaranteed to show up.

It wasn’t the work that scared me so much as to the expenses I saw coming up to get us there. And worse, I didn’t have a plan for it all; just the patio door. I could have (should have) spent more time between December 05 and March 06 coming up with a plan, but instead…


However, my wife was all gung-ho on moving forward and I wasn’t about to miss a chance for motivation and progress, so we turned another corner in the project and moved ahead. (It wasn’t until the Fall when she realized the full impact of this step)




I couldn’t take this summer off. I had to keep moving and I needed my three things:

  1. Time
  2. Materials
  3. A plan

March 26, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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