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Home Renovation – Time, Materials and a Plan

Summer 2006

I spent April, May and June finishing up the patio door, the last window, flashing, caulking and the rest of the siding. It was somewhat of a milestone for me because I was now done with the outside work and I could work inside rain or shine. Plus, I got it all done during what it always an extremely busy time of year for me.

I was looking forward to the electrical work, which all had to be run before doing any kind of insulation, but I had a couple small things to tackle first. I had to install the interior door before the summer heat hit, box up the soffit, and remove the existing window that looks into our current family room.

I hated doing any work in this project that was part of the final finish, like theese bi-fold French doors, because I didn’t have the plan extended that far out. In this case, what style of doors do I want? What wood? How will it be finished, painted, or stained? But, it had to be done, so we would make the best decision we could at the time and hope it will all work out in the end.


I remember this part of the project distinctly because I was watching the World Cup at the time and kept dreaming that in four years I’d be done with this project and watching the games in high-def right on the very saw dusty concrete I was standing on . It was motivation.

I also didn’t need much motivation the day I decided to check out the window that needed to be removed. I removed the moldings to gauge how hard it would be to take out the window and I had my answer right away… I just needed to take off the molding… the window wasn’t held in by anything else. *sheesh*

Have I mentioned how many times I’ve cleaned my workspace? It was a constant clean and organizational party before moving on to the next phase. If you ever take on a project like this, it is imperative to know where your tools are and to be able to work without a mess.

The cleaning was actually my favorite thing to do. It always marked a milestone, it was satisfying, and it was mindless. I would crank the tunes, have a beer, and get it done.


I did realize at that time that there is no way the room will be completed in time for Octoberfest, not even suitable to hang out on. Luckily, my good friend Al was in the process of buying a house and not only offered, but really wanted to host Octoberfest for 2006; and so that all worked out.

There was still more destruction to do, the plywood sheathing had to come down, along with the removal of the blown-in insulation (I saved some… it was part of the plan). There was also some more framing and hanging of sheet rock for where the patio door and window used to be. I was a bit hasty in getting that done because I wanted to move on.


I continued to work on the plan, buy my materials, and put in my time. Up next was the electrical work and I was really looking forward to this because not only do I find wiring easy and fun, but it reminded me of one of the main reasons I was doing all this in the first place… home theater and THX, and for that, I had a plan.


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