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Home Renovation – Installing the Floor

August 2006

As always, making the plan was half the battle. Now, we just needed to execute:

First, clean the room and sweep it spotless. (while listening to tunes & having a beer)

Layout 6 mil poly vapor barrier. Even though I could probably have skipped this step, it was a fairly inexpensive bit of insurance to protect against moisture from seeping through and creating mold or rot problems. The reason I could have skipped it is because my slab is thick enough and high enough off the ground level to compensate for moisture. There is an easy test you can do where you put a piece of poly on the surface and leave it for a day, ideally a wet and rainy day. If moisture droplets form underneath a day or two later, you need the vapor barrier. I didn’t need it, but like I said, it was an easy thing to do and I’d never get a second chance.


Layout my 2×3 sleepers and fasten them to the concrete with a powder actuated nailer. The Remington single shot nailer was the long way of getting it done, but it was very inexpensive. The powder and the nails were the greater percentage of the cost. You load the powder (.22 caliber charges), the nail, line it up and hit it with a hammer to fire. I put down nails about ever foot, which is slightly overkill. This actually is quite fatiguing and strength intensive as you have to be careful and hold the nailer firmly to get it to fire correctly and drive the nail flush. Kneeling on concrete isn’t very comfortable either.



I added extra sleepers for support in the locations where I plan tile to go.


Cut the rigid insulation to fit into each channel.


Cut and lay the ¾ OSB flooring, gluing each joint, followed by screwing them to the sleepers. (Note, you want to make sure that you stagger the seems)


You definitely need two people when it comes to moving around and installing ¾” OSB flooring. My lovely wife suited up in work clothes and together we installed the insulation, and flooring in just a couple days.


Almost done…


Finished! A little spray foam at the edges and we are all sealed up!


All of a sudden is was September. The weather was getting cooler and that meant crunch time.


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