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Home Renovation – Forgot Something

October 2006

I planned a full evening to hang some more drywall and get another chunk of it done; particularly the spots closest to where the stove pipe was going to be so I didn’t have to work around it later. Hanging drywall is fairly easy; it only gets tough when you are working with full sheets all by yourself.

I was looking up at the wall where the cathedral ceiling was adjacent to the house, trying to figure out how best to sheetrock it because a single 4×8 sheet wouldn’t cover even one half of the triangle it formed. My wife asked me what was behind the plywood and I replied, “probably nothing.” I explained how the peak beam probably extends to the original roof where it is fastened and anchors each truss which distributes and supports the weight of the roof and strengthens the rigidity of the whole roof. It probably even has the original asphalt shingles underneath.

Oh crap! There is probably nothing behind it! That needs to be insulated! How did I miss that? Funny thing was that my wife admitted she wasn’t trying to point that out to me by asking what was behind it. She was as shocked as I was at this realization.

So, instead of hanging drywall that evening, I was ripping down plywood and figuring out how to insulate that space. Luckily, I had the materials to get it done.





I probably could have done a better job if I built some sort of backing to help mount it, but it would suffice and I was still in crunch mode. (it is also stapled in) Now I’m really ready for that stove install.


May 21, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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