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Home Renovation – Stove Install

October 2006

It is a great feeling to wake up and know that despite the cold damp weather, within the next 8 hours, I would have a working furnace for my room. This would be another huge milestone, even though I would still not be ready for winter.

I was very happy with the contractors. They were nice, cleaned their workspace, and efficient. They consulted me on a few things where choices needed to be made. For instance, when they ran the gas line they asked if I wanted a ‘T’ installed in case in the future I decided to change my real fireplace to natural gas as well. (Yes, of course)

I tried to leave them alone to get their work done, so I don’t have pictures of the progress. But, I have photos of the results and I was thrilled with how it all came out.


By design, the flame size grows larger after the stove warms up in just a few minutes and turns yellow for a more realistic look.



I’m so glad they were the ones to cut a hole in my perfectly good roof.




There isn’t much to write about when you just hire a contractor, except maybe the price, which was almost as much as the stove itself. But again, it was well worth it for knowing that it was done right; no gas leaks to worry about or water leaks from the vent going out my roof.

I hooked up my thermostat and cranked up the heat. Beautiful. Of course, the heat was just pouring out my ceiling.


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