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Home Renovation – Bring in the New Year with Tape and Mud

January 2007

During the holiday break I was able to review the roadmap to completion of this project. I came to an understanding with myself that with the allowed time and budget that it would be more than year before the room might truly be “completed.” Completed in my mind includes everything from new furniture to high definition TV; and from window dressings to a new integrated media center computer. In order to do this right, which includes maintaining the budget spreadsheet, and maintaining sanity, it just was not going to get done anytime soon.

However, I did come to a comfortable understanding that the room could be “done enough” by Fall of 2007 to both move into the room making it the primary family room, and also to be able to host Octoberfest 2007. I will have to use my current furniture, which is not at all a good fit, and I will have to use my aging home theater gear. But, I’m OK with that and perhaps by Octoberfest 2010 I will not only be done with the room, but also have completed some other key projects currently on the back burner.

Even with this revised timeline, there was still a lot of work that needed to be done and I know very well that come April & May, time will get very scarce. First up was to finish hanging sheetrock and also tape and mud the whole thing, which included some work on the adjacent inside room as well.

I tried to take my time taping and mudding because there is definitely a skill required for this and I didn’t have much practice. I tried not getting hung up on places I knew would be covered up by molding and other things in my plan. I was pleased with how well it did come out, even though there are plenty of obvious mistakes that may never get fixed. But, in life there are things that matter and things that just don’t; perfect walls just don’t matter.

When I was done, I actually felt ahead of schedule. This would be a great time to prime and paint the room before the moldings and outlets are installed. If that could be done by the end of February, I would truly be ahead of schedule. All we had to do was choose a color…


June 11, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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  1. “…perfect walls just don’t matter.”

    Dude, don’t tell that to my brother-in-law. He left the walls in his living room unspackled for almost a year because he wanted it done better than he could do and couldn’t find anyone to do it for him.

    Comment by Wrathchild | June 11, 2007

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