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Home Renovation – It is a good day to Prime

February 2007

We wasted no time in getting the room primed; with no moldings or outlets to paint around, it was a “no-brainer.” It didn’t take long at all; we were able to put 3 coats of primer on in one day. But first, the primer for the adjacent room….

Prime the rest…

We wanted to paint it as well since we were in that mode; however, while I’ve pictured several aspects of the room in its completed state, I have never been able to picture the room as a whole, particularly the color. I was then forced to think more about these final finishing details, like color, choosing a ceiling, trim and even the carpet. Thus we took some time to truly think about it. We took some furnature out there and got some samples to play with.

Choosing a color was much more difficult than I thought. Usually, you can pick a color based a color that exists in an inspiration piece, like a painting or a piece of furniture. Our only inspiration piece was the stone hearth, so we try to find a color in the stone that we wanted to pull out. The trouble was, the hearth was very dark and it had a lot of different colors in it. In the end, it was more like just trying to get close to what we wanted and taking a shot at it. Went with “sisal” which was somewhat neutral but also pulled out some of the greens and browns as well.

 First, the adjacent room. (glad we saved the primer and paint) (the spots in the image are dust mites)

Then the sisal…

In just one day, the room was painted with two coats of “sisal” and we were done … or were we?


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