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Home Renovation – It was Green

This story of choosing a color went on for several weeks, but I’d hate to torture you with 5 weeks of me rambling on about color like tortured my wife with. So, there will be a post each day this week to bring this to a conclusion much quicker than I was able to do in real life.

It was a very nice color during the day with the sun reflecting off the snow. It was khaki grey, a neutral color that would look nice in Mr. Peterman’s regional office outside of the jungles of Africa. It was calming, cool and in control. Sophisticated. At dusk or in the evening you could see it trend toward green. It changed dramatically with in different lighting.

I liked it in bright light, though it was still dark. (these are two 500W halogens lighting this picture, plus the flash, and it never really looked this color in person)

This is more what it looked like… in daylight, it was kind of grey.

Here, it goes toward green.

Looks ok, here.

It matches the carpet almost too good.

My wife liked it a lot but not in love with it either, and I still agree that it is a very nice color, but it just wasn’t what I wanted in this room. In the evening it really sucked up the light. I swear it was just too green.

Why the big deal? It was $80 and a good day of work; I hated to just throw it away. But we did.


June 19, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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