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Home Renovation – Hit the Books

I have no idea what works. I’ve gone back and forth on different aspects so many times my head is going to explode.

I spent time at the library looking at books on color and interior decorating. (*ugh*)

My wife couldn’t take it anymore, said to narrow it down to 5 or less, then call her.

It is amazing how many brain cycles I spent trying to figure this whole thing out, but finally I think I figured out the crux of the issue. I have from the beginning pictured a room that is more like a sunroom, or an indoor porch. Words like open, airy, breezy, comfy, warm are how I want to describe it. Not, rustic or woodsy which are words that have crept in along the way.

So I’m looking for neutrals/naturals for colors, all monochromatic. But in order for that not to wash out, you need two contrasting colors, one dark and one light. The light might be in the trim, or possibly the ceiling. The dark will come from the stove and slate hearth and floor. But there is also wood… wood in the windows, wood in the entertainment credenza, wood on the doors, wood in the table, wood in the coffee table. How much is too much? What should be painted, or pickled? – I still had some thinking to do.

Ironically, I’ve been trying to find a different name other than “porch” project to better describe this “great room” and guess what… I’ve wanted a porch all along’ it needed to be lighter.

We even purchased samples to figure this out, but some looked way dark in comparison to the sisal, and some looked too dark.


June 20, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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