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Home Renovation – Too Many Colors

I’ve spent too much time on color, but now I think I can make an appearance on the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Why am I torturing you with all this talk about color? Because it reflects how much dam time I’ve put in thinking about it.

There were taupe’s and tan’s: “Warm Buff”, “Pebble Path”, “Castle Stone”, “Desert Camel”, “Beachwalk”, and “Expedition Khaki”

There were warmer yellows: “Song of Summer”, “Applesauce”, “Banana Cream”, “Bavarian Cream”, and “Riviera Sand”. (by the way, Riviera Sand looks great with blue for a boy’s room)

Cooler grey’s: “Woven Basket”, “Mesa Tumbleweed”, “Sandy Cove”, “Calm Air”, and “Timeless taupe”

Colors that made you hungry:  “Latte”, “Baked Brie”, “Cream in my coffee”, “Bran muffin”, “Oatmeal”, “Warm muffin”, and “Moose Mousse”

Colors that seem dry and identical: “Adobe Tan”, “Arizona Tan”, “Nomadic Desert”, “Desert Camel”, “Arabian Sands”, “Whole Wheat”, and “Toast” – come on… is that toasted whole wheat, rye or white?

Colors of beige you didn’t know existed: “Familiar Beige”, “Raffia Beige“, “Simplify Beige”, “Gray Beige”, “Kiln Beige”, “Practical Beige”, “Basic Beige”, “Burmese Beige”, “Bungalow Beige”, and “Bonjour Beige”

Colors to get you drunk: “Vanilla Brandy”, “Tequila”, “Brandied Pears”, and “Moonshine”

Colors that made no sense: “Sabrina”, “Stampede”, “Dust Bunny”, “Believable Buff”, “Tattered Sail”, “Turning taupe”, “Aloof”, and “Filoli Antique Lace”

… Filoli Antique Lace???  Come on man! What the heck is that!!!

Can I please just find a color….?!?!?!?!?!


Finally, there it is… “Barley Field


June 21, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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