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Home Renovation – Redo

 March 2007

 Re-do, only one weekend for three coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. I really like the new color, especially because there is no way we are ever painting this room again. My wife likes it, too; as a bonus, she never killed me. It will look good with any of the wood molding we choose and it should look good with the furniture color that we have in mind. Black has become our accent color.

First, the re-priming…

Then, the repainting…

It looks almost golden in the sunlight, but muted, and greyer at dusk. It really is close to the color of barley stalks in a field.

Ok, ironically, the truth is that the name of the actual color is Filoli Antique Lace, but I like calling it Barley Field better, and it is a name I can relate to. It also has lent some inspiration to the name of the room… I’m calling it the Barley Room these days.

This last one is with the flash, showing it in unnatural light.

It was time to move on to the next step which was going to be a tough one… the ceiling. I still needed a plan and a stain color. (here we go again) Snow was still on the ground (the photos were taken a later time). The forecast for the second week in March was for warming weather, and highs in the 50’s. That, along with daylight savings would be the perfect time to start staining and sealing the wood for the ceiling.

But for now, I was psych’d to see how the new paint job looked the next morning as the sun beamed in our northeast windows.


June 22, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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  1. Hello!

    I ended up choosing the same paint for our family room – Filoli Antique Lace by Valspar. I just googled it and found your blog. Are you happy with it? My real question is – what finish did you use for it – Satin? No idea what finish to use (we have kids running around).


    Comment by Mindy | March 18, 2009

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