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Home Renovation – Drip

March 2007

Can you believe it? As I checked out the color of the room in the morning sunlight I heard one of the most dreaded sounds for a home owner.


Yes, the roof was leaking by where the stove pipe was installed. I tried not freaking out, but it was starting to ruin the drywall and the paint where it ran down a beam to the wall. I got out a ladder and went up on the roof to clear away the melting snow around the pipe which stopped the leaked for now.

The contractor made an emergency call to my house that day to check it out. All he was able to do was what I would have done… try to add more sealant in the flashing and hope that fixed it. There was no charge for the visit and he noted on my record that it could happen again next year so that I won’t ever be charged if they have to come out again.

So, I fully expect to have this problem again next year. I’m glad we hadn’t started on the ceiling yet. Speaking of which… we needed to get started on that ceiling. My wife and I were sort of dreading this next step. It was big, and we were unsure how we wanted to do it and make it look good. We both wanted the ceiling to play a key role in adding character to the room. We considered plain sheet rock because it would be cheap and easy, but we wanted more character than that. So, we considered adding some false strapping; we also considered stained hardwood plywood paneling. There were a bunch of ideas that we considered and in the end we chose to go with tongue and groove planking.

All we had to do was pick out a stain color….

Ok, ok, ok, I’ll spare you the picking out of the stain color, but I’ll say this, sample the stain on the wood you will be using. The difference is dramatic, even on the same type of wood, using the same cut, but from a different manufacturer.




We came up with a pattern to stagger the cuts of 8’ boards without having to work with 12’ footers. We also made estimations for how many boards we would need. I estimated the number of boards by square footage plus 10% and my wife estimated the number of boards by actually calculating the number of rows minus the scrap because each board has to land on a joist that is 16” oc. We actually came up with the same number, 101 boards, and my wife drew up a color coded plan.
We purchased the wood and believe it or not, it all fit in the mini-van in one trip. (truth is, our decision on how to do the ceiling was partially based on being able to buy all the planks without having to get them delivered and make them easier to work with) Now we were committed. It was still March so I was hoping that we could get a decent start before that second week in April.



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