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Home Renovation – Staining and Sealing

March 2007

101 boards is a lot of wood, but we were going to have fun cranking through this step.




We had to come up with a plan to rack and let the boards dry and our system worked pretty well.






A few weekends later it was almost April and we were still making good progress. The weather turned cold making the step of sealing the boards a little more difficult. We chose to use a real lacquer instead of a poly urethane because it dried quicker and requires a bit less care when applying. If I could have found a flat finish poly (which I understand exists), I probably would have chose that, but since I couldn’t, the satin finish lacquer would have to do.

The problem with real lacquer is that not only is it flammable (as is poly urethane), the fumes themselves are also flammable. Thus, we had to setup in the cold garage (about 50 degrees) and push through the sealing. (your hand gets quite cold and numb holding a brush for a couple of hours)




We eventually got through two coats of lacquer on all 101 boards, doing 34 at a time because that was all we could fit in the garage at one time. The boards looked great, although we were still unsure how it would look installed.

It was the second week in April 2007 and I started to prep the room with my compound miter and table saws and all of the other tools we would need.



And then I blinked and April & May disappeared. Absolutely no progress was made on the project.


July 2, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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