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Home Renovation – Where We Are Now

July 2007

My last post brings my blog up-to-date as it has now caught up in time where we really stand with this project. I have plotted a timeline for the remaining construction phases such that we would be able to move into the room by October. I want to say that I’m still on track for that, but I’m not. The budget has grinded construction to a halt and the summer already seems to be flying by. There are some small things I can get done, like fix some of my poor drywall seems, fix the gutters outside, find some window hardware I’m missing… but there are still thousands of dollars that need to be spent to finish the construction.

I am also back to that planning stage. I have no idea how I want the trim to wok as I have some painted white windows and some raw wood windows I planned on staining. Moulding is expensive and tedious work. I was considering some shelves, but I have no idea how to make them look, let alone how to put them together. I’m unsure on the portion of the floor that needs to be tiled (between the doors); unsure of what type of tile to use, how far it should go into the room, and how to shape it.

I will still update my blog when I have something to say, but for now, I’ll leave you with my summarized list of phases for down the road.

The end seems so close, yet so far away.

Construction Phases

  • Finish electrical and lighting (ceiling fan, circuit box hook up, dimmers, etc…)
  • Window, door, floor and ceiling trim work
  • Floor tiles between doors
  • Carpet

Finishing Details

  • Window treatments
  • New sofa
  • End tables
  • Coffee table
  • General decorating

Home Theater

  • Move in current equipment
  • Upgrades… (power conditioner, TV, antenna, AMP, DVR, media center, remote, media server, GB backbone, game console… probably in that order for the most part)

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