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Home Improvement – Keeping it Going in the Summer

July 2007

On the Fourth of July, I put up the ceiling fan in just a couple hours. I did this just because we have had it sitting around for awhile and it was a fairly simple job, despite that I had to remount the electrical box I was connecting it to. The circuits, however, are still not hooked up at the circuit box.


So, without a budget, I continued to work on things that I could which consisted of planning, and other little projects that I had the material for or cost very little.

I didn’t like some of the seams in my drywall; they definitely popped when the humidity rolled in. So, a free project was to cut up my not-so-perfectly good drywall and re-mud & tape them. This kind of work is good for something to do when you have only an hour free because it needs to stretch out over many days to let it dry.



We also needed to find the lights I was looking for. Only one specialty lighting store had something close to what I was looking for, and they still were not perfect. It would take several weeks for them to come in so it is a good thing I did this now. I would pick them up when I had a budget.

I had already bought the outlets and switches, so that was a simple project I could do after work. The outlets were fairly simple, though working with 12 AWG on some of the more complicated outlets was fairly difficult to work with and I wanted to do a professional job.( Never use the quick hook ups, screw the wire to the terminal; it is a much better connection. Then, wrap the outlet in electrical tape)


The switches were more complicated than I thought they would be. I had to draw it out to make sure I had it straight in my head.

The switches didn’t allow for many connections either, so I ended up with a lot of pig tails to get everything connected.

Wondering how that all fits into the gang box? Not easy!

I also hooked up and caulked the outside lights as well.

Although I could at this point hook up and test the wiring at the circuit box, I want to wait until I have in all my light fixtures, plus I want to schedule it on a weekend where I can also have someone around in case I electrocute myself.

I just need to keep things going by doing what I can, like this little stuff and planning for the next…


September 12, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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