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Home Improvement – Miracle Weekend

August 2007

I call it miracle weekend because ripping and staining some wood to make my own trim was another first for me and there were just so many boards to be worked. The real miracle is that we got just about all of this done before vacation. It wouldn’t have happened, once again, without the help of my wife. (just to be clear, her helping is not the miracle part)

So the weekend before vacation, we ripped…

Stained, and sealed

The sealing I did each day before work; getting up early and spending 2-3 hours putting on a coat. Skipping going to the gym in the morning gave me a lot of time back.

I organized and relabeled all of the pieces before vacation so that when I get back I can blitz the project again. The question now is, can I keep up this furious pace? (and, will my family not kill me in the process?)

As a matter of fact, my wife started calling the porch my mistress. She would say, “don’t worry, your mistress will be here when we get back from vacation.” …and, “after dinner, I’ll clean up so you can get back to your mistress.”

I just came to the realization that when I finish this project, what the heck am I going to do with my spare time? (My wife has an answer for that, too!)

As much as this was a miracle weekend, my check list is long and daunting. The only way all of getting all this done is with an awful lot of motivation. Why not add to that motivation with an additional deadline? So we did, and before leaving on vacation we picked out and scheduled the carpet to be installed mid-September. That would force me to have the room done by then.

Now I have all the motivation I need for the real deadline. (and if you don’t know what deadline that is, you don’t know me very well.)


September 27, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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