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Home Improvement – On track

September 2007 (Week of Sep 10th – 15th)

During this week, I could work a more on the window trim, a small section of the base trim where the tile is, plus I could run data cables and terminate them and the speaker wire. Busy, but doable.

The trim went up fairly easily, thanks to the Paslode. Not only does the nail gun save time, it let’s one man do the work of two. Picture this… you have just cut a piece of trim and want to mount it. You line it up perfectly and hold it with one hand, then get the nail and set that up with the other hand, and then you grab your hammer with… well, you can hold the piece up in place with the hand that also holds the nail. Now you can use your other hand to hammer in the nail… bam, bam, Dam… it slipped a little. Lucky it wasn’t your finger. “Honey, can you help me for a minute?”

But, with the Paslode, you hold the piece of trim in place, even upside down over your head, grab your Paslode off your belt and shoot the sucker with extreme precision. Bam. Bam. Bam. Done.

I like to call her… Linda… (sorry, Scary Movie 3 reference)

During the week I also ran some cable and terminated all of it. I did a good job of labeling my wires over a year ago. I also had planned back then how I wanted this to be organized. Using my notes, I looked up my parts list and went out and bought all the parts and pieces to have the speaker jacks in the wall for easy hook up. This includes the wires that exist but are not hooked up, like the 6th and 7th channel speakers and the outdoor patio speakers.

I had also left a fish wire in the wall to run the rest of my wires. Now that the sheetrock was up and painted, I hoped it would work and that I didn’t lose it. It worked just fine and I left it there for future use. I ran two Ethernet lines, one phone line, and one cable line. I even installed a second F-type jack for my over the air signal, even though I don’t have an antenna yet. (nor an HDTV)

This is a picture of my aggregation point in my basment. I have all my network and phone all in this one nice, out of the way location.

I tested each of the line and things are looking good overall. As a matter of fact, the three week schedule I sketched out is running perfectly. My new lights had come in and the coming weekend I’m scheduled to mount those fixtures and hook up the circuits at the breaker box. Even though that’s an electrical job I’ve never done, nor seen done, I understand electricity and I’m fairly confident doing electrical work.

I love it when a plan comes together. I feel good, and I’m in control.


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