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Home Improvement – Out of Control

September 2007 (Week of Sep 16th-20th)

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe how this one thing screws everything up. The path to completion has slipped through my grasp.

I got a call from the carper installer. I am ready to go, but the carpet we put a deposit on back in August and scheduled for this coming Monday (September 17th) is on back order. The factory is making carpets as fast as they can, but ours is now estimated to be ready on Friday, September 28th.

I hate it when I see a potential problem, compensate for it (scheduled early), and I still get smacked in the face with the exact problem I was trying to avoid. It turns out, the carpet production ready date already slipped once earlier this month… now I have little faith any date they give me will hold.

That’s it… I’m done. There is no way I can finish the project in time for Octoberfest. I need time after the carpet is installed to finish the base trim. And even after that, there is another whole long list of things I wanted to be doing in preparation for my annual get together that I estimate will take a full week to do.

I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Not knowing what else to do (there was nothing I could do about it) I decided to forge ahead anyway do what was scheduled for this weekend. My plan was to keep busy physically while I got used to the idea that Octoberfest would have to be held in an incomplete room with a major echo problem.

Mounting the lighting fixtures was a simple job, except for the one with the temporary mounting bracket. When I went to pick up the lights earlier in the week, one of the light fixtures was still missing a mounting bracket. But I checked the box at the store and made them find something that would work while they ordered me a new one, again.


I was extremely cautious hooking up the power at the circuit box. I planned this for during the day when there was extra day light and also for a time when I knew Home Depot would be open. I new I had room for the two new 20 amp circuits where one of the 220 volt breakers sat. We had replaced the electric range and dryer many years ago. It was quite simple to figure it out, as I had expected. The only trouble I ran into was snapping the new breakers into place; but I figured that out, too. It turned out that the hot wire bar was bent a little.

I closed up the box and flipped on the main power. Nothing flipped off, that’s a good sign. I went upstairs and checked the polarity on each of the circuits and they all were fine. I then tested out my lights and ceiling fan, they all worked as designed too.

The next weekend we are scheduled to be out of town, but with little to do without a carpet, I was able to put off painting of the casement trim to my free hours after work.

The casement windows have a long story behind them. One of them was given to us by some good friends of ours before we even broke ground on this project. It was old, but a nice 6’ x 5’ Andersen casement window. It was wood and painted white. In designing our room we incorporated this window and bought a new matching one, saving us $600. The new one we bought in white, not unfinished wood, to match the other. The other windows we bought for the room we purchased in unfinished wood and really like the idea of staining them, not painting. But that created the problem of some painted, some stained. We figured that as long as it looked nice, it probably wouldn’t make that big of a difference. Several years since the gathering of the windows, the plan was to repaint the casement windows an off-white and the trim to match. (because certainly, a painted window with wood trim would look silly)


So during the week, they got a fresh coat of paint. You know, a fresh coat of paint on anything makes it look better, and the windows themselves looked pretty good. But, I really did not like how it did not match the other stained windows, or the tongue and grove ceiling. I regret the decisions we made so many years ago, but there is not use in kicking myself about it, there is nothing we can do about it now.


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