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Home Improvement – She hated it, too

September 2007 (Sep 21st – 23rd , 2007)

I had asked my father earlier in the summer for some advice on what to do about my desire to stain the windows and use stained trim along side of the painted windows. Was that something that is ever done? My dad is a master wood worker, or as close as you can get to master without it being your profession. I was hoping he would say, “well, in this situation, what you do is … “ and I hoped there would be some clear cut procedure you follow in this situation. But, there isn’t a straight forward answer. Basically, you don’t do that. What you should do is paint all the windows and trim to match. (which, as you know, is not what we decided) What he did mention, however, is that the windows in question were the main architectural feature of the room and it is what will be drawn to everyone’s eye.

That notion has stuck with me and has been eating at me all through the week. I decided to ask my wife what she thought. I realized I was holding back on asking her because I didn’t want to hear the answer.

Yep, she hated the painted windows the same. The windows themselves looked fine, but with all of the other wood in the room, they looked silly. No, they looked stupid. Argh!!!

It was Friday night, September 21. With stupid looking windows, no carpet, and lost enthusiasm, I took the evening off. I took my son over to the neighbors so the kids could play while we adults had a couple beers. (Stone Pale Ale, I recall). It took my mind off it for a while.

But when I got back, I looked at it again. I had to find a way to fix this even if it meant Octoberfest in a room with table saws, ladders and nail guns. I was also resigned at this point that Octoberfest just doesn’t matter in the long run.

Lying in bed at 11:30 PM it was just killing me. Something had to be done. Maybe I could just paint the windows a darker color… wouldn’t even that look better? Anything would look better.

I got out of bed, put on a bathrobe, and went out on the porch. I proceeded to rip down all of the casement window trim. As I did it, I started to realize the gravity of the situation and there was no turning back now. I would have to re-purchase all the wood for these windows. Re-rip each piece, re-stain each piece, and re-seal each piece (at least twice). Then, I’d have to pick out a paint color that looked best with stained trim.

I also managed to damage the walls ripping down the trim. Not a lot, but enough that it would need drywall mud, sanding and repainting of that wall.

We left for the weekend for my sister’s 40th birthday party. It was a surprise party and well worth the trip to see everyone. She was much surprised and the party was great. The food was great. We even brought the dog, the kids got to go swimming, and I added a special trip the “candy store” to get a particular beer I could only get in New Jersey for Octoberfest.

I returned from the weekend to an extremely busy work week and a Barley Room that was taking steps backward. This isn’t how it was supposed to go.


October 3, 2007 - Posted by | Home Improvement

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