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Rom-OH MY!!!

f100906a.jpgOctoberfest weekend turned out great, despite the logistics we all had to juggle. We played many games, ate great tasting but not-so-healthy food, and got little sleep. It was a great weekend, but it was exhausting. That exhausted state I was left in Monday evening was not a good state to be in for the football game I was about to watch, especially because this Cowboy’s fan had no idea what was coming.

The teams the Cowboys had defeated up to this point were not much to talk about. I thought the Bears game would be a real test, but it didn’t turnout so. The Bills certainly can’t be their real test.

I was worried about Romo because I felt he needed some humbling. Well, I think he got that and then some. Six turnovers by one guy… the Quarterback… I can’t believe it!

As always when losing a night game, there is the temptation to turn the game off after half-time if things don’t start to get better. Which, they didn’t. But, I stuck with it knowing the Bills had not yet scored an offensive touchdown and that Dallas’ half-time adjustments in their first 4 games were always positive.

The emotional rollercoaster that was the fourth quarter nearly killed me. One second we had a chance, the next it was blown. There would be a close call, then get overruled. There would be almost catches, then a drop. The jobs by the referees were good, better than most games I’d say. (their were a couple of missed calls and a couple of non-calls, but it went each other’s way) I don’t like the rule about calling a timeout as the ball is snapped, especially before a kick, but it is within the rules.

I won’t try to rehash the game… either you saw it, heard about it the next day, or don’t care. But let me tell you, the ESPN Sports Center coverage can’t relay the intensity, or incredulous, that happened live in Buffalo. That was one of the most entertaining games I have ever seen. Ever.

Romo came through in the end, the rest of the team stood by his side and they stepped up to win the game. But, I’m still wondering if the Cowboys are for real even with a 5-0 record. However, in less than one week, I will know as they play the Patriots on Sunday. If they can just hang in their and make it a game, win or lose, then, I can start believing…


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