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Marketing Speak

I love marketing… (you should be able to smell the sarcasm in that statement)

For example, my Verizon Wireless cell phone plan has a feature service “included for free”, called Mobile Web 2.0 Access; that costs $1.99 per Megabyte. However, I could upgrade to “Unlimited Free Mobile Web 2.0”; that only costs $15/month.

So let me get this straight… I can either access the web for free and just pay per access, or, I can pay to access the web for free. How can I lose?

I have another term to describe marketing and sales people when they talk like this… Shit Speak.


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Home Improvement – New Furniture

November 2007 

Just a quick handful of photos of the new furniture for the Barley Room. We are very happy with how nice it looks and how comfortable the sofas are. We will probably rearrange by the season, but this is how we are starting. It allows for the warmth of the stove and a cozy social sitting area around the Tavern cocktail table. The pub table has plenty of room to open up in the back. We may add other pieces in the future.






Now we are looking at blinds for the windows and starting to add in decorating touches. (oh, and that HDTV…)

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Don’t Pay Too Much for HD Cables

An HDTV is coming soon and so I want to make sure I have all the right cables for all of my toys. The home theater room I built has conduit in the wall so I can completely hide all of my cables but because of that, some of the cables need to be a little longer than a standard 6 foot cable.

I could just pick up the cables at the store, but buying online at the right place can save a bit of money. How much money…? Check out these two shopping carts:

Bust Buy


I first heard about MonoPrice.com on the HTGuys podcast… with that savings, I’m going to buy them a cup of coffee.

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