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Cake Season 2008 – Tropical Cake

For my daughter’s 11th birthday, she had a tropical themed sleepover party. The American Girl Doll party kit color scheme gave me my inspiration.

Fondant is so easy to work with, anyone can look like a pro; but, I find most people don’t like the taste. My work around is to go heavy with the buttercream undercoat and roll the fondant thin. My wife requested her next cake to be buttercream only (which I plan to do sometime this summer since her birthday got buried this spring).


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Cake Season 2008 – NY Giants

My son wanted a sports themed cake for his birthday, but he had rules. No baseball, no soccer and no golf. The only things that were ok were football, basketball or bowling. I learned that the reason he wanted bowling was from a previous cake I did for a bowling party which had gumballs on it. He also just finished basketball for the season and was very into it.

However, I couldn’t come up with a good idea for the two or three themes together. He ok’d my suggestion for a football-only cake and after the fantastic Super Bowl this year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Again, my assistant was very helpful in preparing the cake.

Seeing his face was well worth the 6 hours it probably took me to put it together. I even had him for a second when I told him that I had Eli come over to sign it himself.

My assistant’s birthday is next which needs to be a tropical themed cake; that should be fun. And I had to postpone my wife’s cake, which my assistant and I have a secret plan for.

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Cake Season 2008 – The Lake Cake

The Lake Cake is my second cake of the season (I’ll show you the first when the time is right). This was for my mother-in-law who has been staying with us recently.

Each cake season gets easier, as my assistant continues to grow up and become more helpful and skillful. We make a good team. Maybe someday she will host her own show on the Food TV Network.

I had a plan in my head for this cake. I started off with two 13×9 sheet cakes. One of them, I forgot to grease the bottom of the pan.

I was so upset… but my wife said, “there are your mountains.”

I got over it and rolled with the punches. I think it actually turned out better this way.

My assistant…

We both took a shot at making a loon with royal icing. I couldn’t find any instructions or tips on piping a duck, so we both winged it. (ha ha) I think next time I would try to make it out of fondant.

And done.

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