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Jacko & D.C.

Meet Jacko and D.C.

From New Kittens

These two kittens came home with us from the local shelter in early September at about 2 months old, though Jacko is a bit older. Both are male and not related to each other, but they get along fine. Great, actually. They even love Angel, who still hangs out in her chair (and recently, accidentally, in the toilet); but Angel is taking a wait and see approach to the strangers. She is tolerant of them as long they are not too friendly; we have even seen them lick each other.

Jacko gets his name from Jack-o-lantern and his color coordinated friend gets his name from Dark Chocolate. Or, originally Dark Cat, but officially Dark Chocolate, and in reality… Dumb Cat. Well, he isn’t that dumb, but does seem to be a bit slow on the up take. Perhaps he is just learning how to play.

D.C. can actually stand for anything you want, just about all names are acceptable and appropriate. Drama Cat. Dozing Cat. Drenched Cat. DC is not all black, either. If you look closely, he has a striping that may become more prominent as he gets older.

They are already growing and soon we will be fighting them off the kitchen counter in addition to being attacked as you walk by the couch or move while sleeping. The whole family is already adding first hand cat stories to the many we love to tell. A matter of fact, DC is already down to 8 lives, and we caught it on video. Enjoy…


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  1. Made me nostalgic for Benny Hill!

    Comment by Ron senior | October 9, 2008

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